West Slope also installs concrete curb and sidewalk to cover the industries commercial curbing needs. Concrete curbing has all the same benefits as Belgian block curbing just at a more affordable cost. We install all types of curbing that covers any site situation.

Curbing Situation:

  • Municipal (6in x 9in x 20in w/6in reveal)
  • County (8in x 9in x 20in w/8in reveal)
  • State (8in x 9in x 20in w/4in reveal)
  • Mountable (15in x 12in w/2in reveal tapers up to 6in reveal)

We also install all types of concrete sidewalks, aprons, A.D.A ramps, and flat work needed to finish your site project.

  • Pedestrian sidewalks
  • Street scape pattern sidewalks
  • Entrance aprons
  • Dumpster pads
  • Loading dock pads
  • A.D.A. Compliance (handicap ramps and truncated domes)